Valuing Workforce Diversity

Research shows that there are many benefits to the business when we value workforce diversity. Yet, in every industry recruiters still default to hiring candidates that mirror their image.Are you ready to be open-minded and fully embrace a diverse workforce? That is a team recruited for their skills and potential, rather than their age, culture or educational background.

Barriers to Building a Diverse Workforce

The biggest barrier for many applicants is meeting the ‘essential’ requirements of the role. Yet, in some cases, these essentials aren’t a deal breaker. Let’s consider three common examples:

Candidate Must have a Degree

The fact that someone doesn’t have a degree doesn’t mean they are capable of creative or critical thinking. It doesn’t restrict them from excelling in their field or leading a team. In reality, the fact that they followed an alternative path may show more thought, determination and resourcefulness than someone who followed the standard education route.

Candidate Needs a CV with No Career Breaks

A candidate returning to work following a career break isn’t necessarily a risky option. They may have developed a multitude of skills whilst raising a family or pursuing their ambition to travel. You might find that they are more loyal now that their priorities have been met.

Industry Experience is Essential

Many skills are transferable, so an applicant might offer relevant knowledge, expertise and attitudes that were gained in a different field. Let them apply their skills in a new role and spot opportunities that might be overseen by someone familiar with standard industry practices. Equally, those new to the world of work can’t offer experience but can bring fresh perspectives and a willingness to learn.

Extend the Talent Pool BY Embracing Workforce Diversity

If you struggle to find the right candidates for your business, it could be time to revisit your job specifications and application process. Consider the absolute essentials and where you could be more open-minded. Think about how you can make the process more accessible and inclusive to encourage workforce diversity.

According to research shared in a Forbes article*, businesses that do embrace workforce diversity reap the rewards. They benefit from greater financial returns and are better able to spot market opportunities. Equally, other candidates are drawn to companies that value workplace diversity, so your business becomes an appealing place to work.

The article highlights creativity and innovation as one of the areas that is boosted when employees of all ages, abilities, cultures and educational backgrounds collaborate.

Building a Creative & Innovative Team

Did you know that some of the world’s greatest scientists, inventors, technology developers and entrepreneurs are neurodiverse? The fact that they process information in unique ways means that they can see things that others miss. However, autistic people are greatly underrepresented in the workplace.

It seems that recruiters are wary of a different approach and how individuals will fit in. Yet companies like JP Morgan, Microsoft and HMRC have seen considerable success from their autistic employees.

Equally, bringing together people from a variety of backgrounds broadens understanding. It provides insight into what motivates certain demographic groups and where barriers exist. In turn, this can inform effective marketing strategies and customer service. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see your business from the perspective of potential target groups? Think about how this could shape ways to make you more relevant and approachable. These are just a few of the benefits of increasing workforce diversity.

Inclusive Recruitment Services

At Tara Recruitment, we fully embrace an inclusive approach. We know that everyone has skills, knowledge and experience that can be beneficial to an employer when they are applied to the right job. Therefore, job matching is a key part of our candidate services.

We also know that people who don’t fit a standard mould have typically faced more than their fair share of rejections. This impacts their confidence. For this reason, we offer work readiness support to help them fully prepare and gain belief in what they bring to the table.

If you are looking for your next career move and feel our supportive approach will help your job search, get in touch. Equally, if you are an employer who is open to broader thinking about their next candidate, we’d love to hear from you.


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