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Buckinghamshire Employment Opportunities & Support

Candidates, are you looking for routes into a new career?

If you have found it difficult to find suitable employment or get an interview, Tara Recruitment is here to help. Our dedicated support aims to equip and empower you to take the next steps in your career. We help you and your potential employers to recognise your transferable skills, experience and talents.

We focus finding roles for candidates that fill critical shortages, particularly Buckinghamshire vacancies in education and security. However, if you have desirable skills for other industries, we are open to providing tailored support.

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The Challenge: Breaking Barriers

Research highlights the disparity in employment rates, barriers to work and wage gaps faced by individuals from diverse backgrounds. At Tara Recruitment, we’re committed to dismantling these barriers. Our approach in supporting candidates involves tailored mentorship, guidance and sector-specific support. Let us help you to flourish.

Our Solution: Elevating Your Career

Our primary objective is to put you at the heart of your career journey. We offer more than a job search. Our service explores opportunities for personal development and relevant training. From our initial discussion through to induction into your new position, we stand by your side.

With extensive experience in employment support, we excel at connecting you with the best-matched opportunities in and around Buckinghamshire.

We Go Beyond

We are dedicated to fostering your career growth through tailored training and, when feasible, flexible work options. Our commitment to personalised recruitment and guidance in your Buckinghamshire job search sets us apart. Our ultimate goal is to empower you in your professional lives, whilst bridging critical gaps within the job market.

With an understanding of your unique talents and challenges, we’re more than a recruitment agency; we’re your career partner. Our commitment is to provide support tailored to your career needs. Let’s get you to the next step of your career ladder.