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Closing the Skills Gaps

We believe in building trusted relationships with our clients. Our aim is to understand your recruitment needs and challenges. This equips us to provide you with quality candidates, who are skilled, motivated and job-ready.

As your Buckinghamshire recruitment partner, our role is to find you those hidden gems. Our county has a high employment rate, yet there are still vacancies that are difficult to fill. With a fresh approach to supporting clients and candidates, we believe we can change this.

Often the best candidates are not properly prepared to showcase their talents in the recruitment process. So, we do more than simply add their CV to the pile. Instead, we work with them to ensure that are fully prepared to present their skills. If selected, they are then ready to hit the ground running.

We encourage all clients to share our inclusive values. Our candidates include skilled returners to work, experienced individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and talent with neurodiverse conditions. We only encourage applications from those who match your requirements.

We’re with you for the journey, so let’s find your ideal candidates.

Our Recruitment Services

If you register your business with us, we will be in touch to arrange an initial meeting. This provides an opportunity to understand more about your business, values and vacancies. Data privacy is important to us, so we do not share your business data with any third parties.

Our process isn’t a quick fix and may take longer than recruitment services offered by competitors. However, we focus on offering value. We achieve this by finding good matches and preparing individuals before they apply.

Our approach aims to deliver a positive recruitment experience for you and the candidates.

Workplace Diversity & Inclusion

Tara Recruitment is built on our expertise in employment support, career development and recruitment in Buckinghamshire. Drawing on extensive contacts in the community, we aim to open up opportunities on the doorstep.

Our founding principle is to support under-represented communities. We want to advocate for them and unleash a reservoir of talent that is already making a significant difference to many employers.

Diversity means that people might have different qualifications from different places. Therefore, we provide advice and signposting for candidates, along with verification and validation for our recruitment partners.

Our Approach – Listening, Understanding, and Delivering Excellence

Beyond Matching, Building Relationships

We go above and beyond in understanding your business, which means delving deeper than job descriptions. We focus on understanding your goals, values and company culture. In fostering long-term relationships between candidates and your organisation, we ensure they bring the skills, ideas and growth that you desire.

Tailored Solutions

We take pride in being an independent recruitment company. Without the constraints of a large corporation, we tailor our services to provide a positive experience for you and the candidates. Our recruitment process results in increased quality, professionalism and efficiency.

Professional Selection Process

Our value-added services ensure that candidates are suitably equipped with all the core requirements for the role before proceeding with an application. This includes a match of skills, qualifications and experience, along with preparation of all necessary documentation.

Post-Placement Excellence

We provide support to the candidates we have placed and maintain open lines of communication with you. This helps to streamline the on boarding and integration process. Our commitment to the post-placement process fosters enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Skill gaps filled with Tara Recruitment

Contact us to embark on a journey towards the workforce you need for business success.