Increase Your Chances of Getting That Job

The recruitment process can be daunting. It’s the same when you take the first steps on the career ladder, return to work or go for a promotion. So much is based on first impressions and this means that your CV has to be top-notch. What’s more personal presentation is key. This article shares our tips to help you get that job.

A Good Match – Find a Job That Fits

The first step in a successful application is to find a job that is a good match for your skills and experience. Look carefully at the job specification and any essential requirements. Do you genuinely have what they are looking for?

Now, I don’t want you to sell yourself short. So, still apply if you lack some of the desirable requirements. Also, consider if the missing piece is something that you could gain, maybe through an online course or volunteering.

Update Your CV for Each Job

I recommend tailoring your current CV to the vacancy. That means emphasising the experience and skills that they are looking for. Put the most relevant information at the top of each section. Then, refer back to the job spec to ensure you have everything covered.

Many of us struggle to identify our skills and strengths, yet we can readily spot them in others. So, ask for feedback from work colleagues, teachers or trusted friends. Also, always check the spelling and grammar on your CV before sending it off. Ideally, ask someone else to read through it and give honest feedback.

Research the Company & Role

The internet enables you to gather information before you apply or attend an interview, so research! Discover all you can about the company, their products and services, their values and more. Read their blogs, follow them on social platforms and see if they are attending any events.

Use this information to prepare answers to questions that you might be asked. For example, here are two responses to a ‘Tell us one of your strengths’ question:

“I’m good with people and am confident in helping customers to get what they need. I had a lot of experience of this in my weekend retail job and at the call centre.”

“I’m good with people and am confident when talking with customers. I’ve seen that you’ve recently exhibited at a conference and manning an exhibition stand is where I excel. That’s because I’m good at listening to what people need and explaining how we can help.”

Now, both are good responses. However, the second makes your skills directly relevant to the employer. It also shows your interest in the company.

What to Wear to a Job Interview

You may have noticed that casual workwear is far more commonplace. It’s not unusual for people to dress in jeans in an office. Yet, I would strongly advise smart attire for an interview, even if it is online.

Why is this? Firstly, formal wear will get you into the right mindset. An interview is an important event and you need to feel the part.

Secondly, making an effort with your presentation is a sign of respect. Both self-respect and respect for the occasion. It indicates that you want to make a good impression and that you are serious about your application. The exception is if you are given specific information on what to wear by the employer.

Look up to Increase Your Chances of Getting that Job

Your outfit isn’t the only way to make a positive first impression. Body language and attitude reveal a lot about you. For this reason, it is important to look at the interviewer when they are talking and when you respond. This tells them that you are engaged, interested and focused.

Questions to Ask an Interviewer

Firstly, if at any time the interviewer says something that you don’t understand, be honest. Saying, “I’m sorry, I’m not clear on what you mean” gives them a chance to rephrase or explain. It is much better than pretending you understood and muddling through.

You will usually be asked if you have any questions at the end of the interview. This is tricky if you’ve not prepared. Therefore, think about what you would like to know in advance.

Here are a few options:

 – What is the company’s greatest achievement to date?

 – How has your role changed since you started working here?

 – Can you tell me about the training and development opportunities here?

You may want to know about pay or holiday entitlement, but this is not the best time to ask. The employer wants to see that the job and working for their company are your top priorities. If you are successful, you can agree on the other details before signing a contract.

Get that Job!

Remember, first impressions count and preparation is key.

If you would benefit from support, our candidate services can help. Let us support your preparations for job applications and interviews. Our services have helped others to find employment and we can help you to get the job.

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