Interested in Careers in Early Years?

A strong start in life lays the foundation for future success. Therefore, nurseries, pre-schools and childminders focus on providing a safe, fun and engaging environment for babies and children to learn, develop and grow in confidence. Are you a naturally caring individual, with patience, creativity and energy, who is interested in careers in Early Years?… Continue reading Interested in Careers in Early Years?

Increase Your Chances of Getting That Job

The recruitment process can be daunting. It’s the same when you take the first steps on the career ladder, return to work or go for a promotion. So much is based on first impressions and this means that your CV has to be top-notch. What’s more personal presentation is key. This article shares our tips… Continue reading Increase Your Chances of Getting That Job

Hiring Returners to Work – The Pros & Cons

Gaps in employment history are often considered a negative point on an applicant’s CV. However, there are many reasons for taking an extended break from work. And, being open to interviewing returners isn’t necessarily a risky strategy. If your business is hiring, returners to work may offer the skills and experience needed to fill a… Continue reading Hiring Returners to Work – The Pros & Cons

The Right to Request Flexible Working

Being adaptable to when and where employees work is a challenge that many employees are embracing. With new laws being introduced this year, all employees will gain the right to request flexible working. So, why is the workforce keen to move from fixed to flexible arrangements and how can this benefit employers? Changes in Employment… Continue reading The Right to Request Flexible Working

Valuing Workforce Diversity

Research shows that there are many benefits to the business when we value workforce diversity. Yet, in every industry recruiters still default to hiring candidates that mirror their image.Are you ready to be open-minded and fully embrace a diverse workforce? That is a team recruited for their skills and potential, rather than their age, culture… Continue reading Valuing Workforce Diversity

Routes Into Teaching

Teaching is both a challenging and a rewarding profession. It is a role that can push you to the limits. Equally, it is a profession that provides a way to stimulate your mind, inspire young people and make a difference in your community. So, if you have a passion for a subject that you’d love… Continue reading Routes Into Teaching