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Empowering Talent & Igniting Careers

Tara Recruitment – Your Trusted Recruitment Partner in Buckinghamshire

Tara Recruitment focuses on identifying and supporting talented people from diverse backgrounds. By supporting skilled and experienced individuals, we help to fill gaps in the job market. We put clients and candidates first by offering tailored support and a trusted working relationship. Is this what you are looking for?

We are proud to be an inclusive company that values diversity. Our team is dedicated to creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. We believe this approach fosters equal opportunities to succeed, regardless of background or identity.

Riffat Rehman

Our founder, Riffat Rehman, has a background in Local Government. She is experienced in managing and delivering person-centred community projects. Riffat brings over two decades of experience of working with people of all backgrounds to the table. Her expertise focuses on best practices, diversity, inclusion, strong leadership, communication skills and self-starting creativity. All of these skills are essential in the recruitment industry.

Riffat is a composed and empathetic individual adept at handling challenging circumstances. She fosters enduring and trustworthy connections with all who work with her. This approach has led to her building an extensive professional network.

About Our Mission

We exist to support more people to access better opportunities. Too many people are still struggling to access the jobs that their experience and skills deserve because of their ethnicity or background. What’s more, too many employers are missing out fantastic talent because they don’t have access to a diverse pool of talent. Our mission is to close that gap. In breaking down these barriers, we aim to bring huge value to people and organisation.

We are founded on the core principle of putting people first and building a candidate experience. Our focus is on the 3 Cs of courage, communication and candour. This means we’ll promote your interests without fear or favour and will regularly keep in touch. In addition, we are transparent about how to best serve your interests, rather than simply telling you what you want to hear.

Work With Us

At Tara Recruitment, we are dedicated to offering ongoing professional development prospects for our candidates. This guarantees a proficient and highly skilled workforce for our valued business partners.

Do you value values?

While many organisations say that people are their greatest asset, for many, their experience with recruitment and recruitment firms is a long way from that. Tara Recruitment is different. We put people at the heart of recruitment, through our support for candidates and the sector insight and expertise we bring to our clients.

We aim to ensure that recruitment is a productive and rewarding experience for those involved. This is achieve by supporting candidates for the long term and providing employers with the highest quality candidates.

We’re looking for people to join us to help continue our growth. Maybe you’ve worked in recruitment but didn’t care for the ruthless, impersonal nature of the industry. If so, get in touch to express your interest.

If you are values-driven and have a genuine desire to help people get on and if you are interested in joining a growing business that proudly puts those values at the heart of its approach, then we would very much like to talk to you.